Hosting & Maintenance

Our hosting service offers you reliability and security for your website. Beyond standard web hosting, our unique Archiving & Recovery service, as well as Website Monitoring, are included in our hosting package.

Website Archiving & Recovery

Primary Uses:

  • Restore page(s) after accidental deletion
  • Restore entire website after loss or security breach

Your website will automatically be backed up daily and archived weekly. Your weekly archives are stored for up to 12 months. Our website archiving feature protects your company’s website from catastrophic loss, deletions, etc. If you ever need to recover pages from a prior version of your site or revert the whole site, you can do so with just a few mouse clicks.

Your files are stored on dependable and secure Amazon S3 internet storage, which provides the same reliable and fast data infrastructure that uses to run its own global network of websites.

Website Monitoring

Your website will be automatically monitored around the clock to make sure it is up and responding. If ever there is no response, alerts prompt us to take action.

WordPress Updates

Updates to your WordPress site and its plugins will be done regularly to minimize your security risk and allow you to access any new plugin features.

Website Maintenance Plans

To keep your site in tip-top condition, we provide website maintenance service plans. Each plan provides an allotment of updates to your site (incidents) on a monthly basis. Or you can pay as you go per incident.
One incident may consist of up to 3 simultaneous changes. Types of Changes include:

  • Create and layout a page (you supply copy)
  • Edit a page (you supply copy)
  • Rearrange or delete pages
  • Minor programming changes

We reserve the right to switch to an hourly rate for a request if the effort required exceeds the scope of an incident in our judgment. In this case, we will provide an estimate for your approval before performing the work.

Basic Plan

1 Incident/Month
$45 Extra Incidents

Premium Plan

4 Incidents/Month
$38 Extra Incidents

Heavy-Duty Plan

8 Incidents/Month
$34 Extra Incidents

Industrial Plan

20 Incidents/Month
$30 Extra Incidents

Basic Plan

1 incident/month

Premium Plan

4 incidents/month

Heavy-Duty Plan

8 incidents/month

Industrial Plan

20 incidents/month

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